When I left Flint, Michigan to live in Atlanta at the age of 11, it was the first time I saw people that looked like me in successful leadership roles. They were thriving, because they had the resources they needed to work toward their potential. That sparked something in me to devote myself to pursuing my own personal potential, while also helping others reach theirs. In the video at left, I walk through my journey from Flint, Michigan to army veteran to medical doctor. 

My Story

From growing up in Flint, Michigan, to joining the military, to becoming a doctor and starting my own business — my story has been punctuated by beautiful and unexpected twists and turns. My "why" has remained constant, and I've never been more passionately committed to my mission of helping people reach their full potential through time, support, and know-how.


After medical school, I realized I needed to do something more than just become a doctor. So many health professionals were sick — overworked, stressed out, and unwell. I decided I wanted to help create a health system that was more equitable for providers. This led me to launch my own company, GABA, which provides the resources and support healthcare and other professionals need to meet their full potential.