Each 1 Teach 1 Walk Against Discrimination

by Eric Townsend

Students organize "Each 1 Teach 1" walk

Students organized the program through word-of-mouth and social media, and the route led participants through most residential areas of campus.

Forty students took part in the Sept. 30 walk through campus to raise awareness of issues related to diversity, acceptance and understanding.

Dozens of Elon University students joined together Friday evening for a walk through campus to demonstrate what organizers described as their solidarity in addressing issues of cultural sensitivity, diversity and discrimination following two September incidents where African-American students were the victims of racially charged slurs.



by Kassondra Cloos, October 23, 2011

Blacknall (front right) deployed to Iraq in 2009 for more than a year, where she served as a medical supply specialist and infection control representative. Blacknall is still serving in the army as a healthcare specialist. Photo submitted.

On a Tuesday morning in September, hundreds more people than usual gathered at College Coffee in a visible movement against discrimination. They wore black stickers that read "Not on our Campus" and stood silently as President Leo Lambert addressed the crowd, vowing to make Elon University a safe and comfortable place for every member of its community.

"Not on our Campus" "Now What?"

An unprecedented 2,500 people, according to University Relations, were in attendance at College Coffee this morning to support the “Not On Our Campus” campaign and to hear what President Lambert had to say about the two incidents so far.


The “Not On Our Campus” campaign is a direct result of two incidents where African-American students had racial slurs yelled at them as a car passed them by, within a few days of each other.


“These events have started happening and they’re not isolated incidents, they’re back-to-back,” says Candice Blacknall, a senior. “So now the question is ‘Now what?’ What do we do if this continues to be an occurrence? What do we do protect the students that are here and what do we do to ensure students’ safety?”

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